Body restoration

Our core business is restoring bodywork from A to Z, either all original or custom projects. This entails:

  • complete disassembly
  • chemical stripping or media blasting, to remove all old layers of paint, coatings and sealants
  • fabricating and replacing sheetmetal and chassis components
  • fitting and straightening all sheetmetal components
  • applying a good layer of protection against any future corrosion
  • paint
  • assembly

In addition to this, we also specialize in cutting, buffing and polishing vehicles that require a perfect show-worthy finish.

Collision repair

In addition to restoration, we offer collision repair. We are a well suited partner for collision repairs to, especially, classic and exclusive vehicles. Vehicles that require the extra level attention that we are already accustomed to providing.

Our craftsmanship in:

Restoration, collision repair and customization

We work with a small team of dedicated professionals, with a love for the projects they work on. Always in direct consultation with the client. During the restoration process, you will receive intermediary bills after the completion of each step in the process, this includes detailed pictures showing the progress. We understand that a great result does not only comprise a good value, but also an involved relationship between us and the customer. With us, you deal with a single contactperson, short lines of communication, clear consultation and agreements.

Our services in:

Restoration, collision repair, customizing cars & more

disassembly & reassembly

The most important part of disassembly is our structured way of working. We catalog and label all parts and fixtures before we store them. We then subdivide these parts into batches that, for example, need to go to electro-or chrome plating, powedercoat or upholstery. This ensures a smooth process of assembly after the body restoration is completed.

media blasting and chemical stripping

For fiberglass bodies, just sanding the body is an option. But for metal or aluminium bodies there are multiple options. Through trusted partners, we can arrange these processes for you. Media blasting and sealing the freshly cleaned surface in a 2K epoxyprimer is usually the most cost effective option, but does have some downsides. There is a greater chance of warping sheetmetal, and hollow parts of the body are harder to reach.

Chemical stripping in an acid bath, combined with a KTL-treatment is a more expensive option, but is also the most thorough solution. This process entails dipping the entire body in an acid bath, followed by a bath in a neutralizing solution.

body and sheetmetal work

Only after chemical stripping or mediablasting we can properly assess what needs to be done in terms of body and sheetmetal work. In general, we can perform the needed repairs with new parts or parts from a donor vehicle. But we don't shy away from fabricating our own replacement parts from either metal or aluminium. The straightening and fitment for sheetmetal is done through tried and true methods and techniques.

aligning body and sheetmetal work

We realize a good, or perfect if required, fit for all sheetmetal parts. Clean and uniform gaps and a smooth transition between parts is what sets a quality restoration apart. Especially with classic vehicles, the fit and finish was not up to todays standards.

The fitment, adjustment or even the reworking of edges is one of our specialties. After fitting and adjusting parts, we mark hinges and attachment points, so we can easily find the perfect fitment after paint.

prep work

Using good prep work, we get the body ready for the paint process. This prep work consists of straightening the separate components and straightening all parts put together as one complete body. This way, when the paintjob is finished, in the shine of the clearcoat all the reflections and horizonline will be continous throughout all the body parts.

Good prep work means applying the proper protective layers, coatings and sealants for good corrosion resistance and sound dampening. Before paint, we can apply a bodyshoot or stonechip coating for a fine finish. Or a spray sealant for a coarse finish. Alternately, we can totally straighten and paint the underside for a smooth finish.


We use all conventional products for our paint work. We do not use any waterborne paints. Conventional 2K-, basecoat-, clearcoat systems that are acryllic based have proven themselves time and time again in the last decades and guarantee the highest possible quality. We can reproduce any OEM color. In addition to that we can design a custom color for you.

We have wide experience in custom paintjobs, from simple racing stripes or a 2tone to the most intricate and amazing finishes with candy colors, metalflake, pearls and gold- and silver leafing. We can do it all!


When a true show worthy finish is required, we can cut, buff and polish the paint to achieve a true high gloss. This is a very labor intensive process, that leads to a perfectly smooth finish. A finish without any orange peel or paint defects. Optionally, this finish can be sealed with a ceramic glass coating that is highly resistant to scratching and adhesion of dirt and road grime.